How we got a free office space at STARTPLATZ

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Last week we pitched in front of Sara, Matthias and Lorenz from STARTPLATZ claiming free office space there.  The task seemed extremely difficult to accomplish, stressful and time consuming, but we faced this challenge.

The LEANHEROES-team at STARTPLATZ - starring from left to the right: Kamil, Mladen & Rado.

The LEANHEROES-team at STARTPLATZ – starring from left to the right: Kamil, Mladen & Rado.

Immediate action was required! How will we catch jury’s attention? How will we present our vision and ideas? How will we strengthen our motives?  What is the best way to express our creativity? These were the questions which we faced preparing for the pitch. The time was against us. We had to act fast. A brainstorming was a good starting point. “Lets make it fun, untraditional and crazy!” – was our first thought. After hours of hard working and browsing through many possibly potential ideas we emerged with the unique concept of the “Shirt-Pitch”. Here are the stages we went through:

Instead of making a traditional slide-based presentation, we decided to put the information on t-shirts. This, however, wasn’t an easy task to do. Here was where our creativity and out-of-the-box thinking were required.  How were we actually supposed to change “slides”, were we going to strip? Obviously we wanted to amaze the jury, not to make a dubious impression of ourselves.


T-Shirt design process – first draft

We started working on the draft. My co-founder Mladen was responsible for the content and the speech. Meanwhile I was concentrated working on the t-shirt design. The beginning was darn hard for me. Only a month ago I was doing a lot of coding related to our previous project and now suddenly I needed to start designing clothes. Step by step we got into a state of flow. Idea after idea, design after design – the different slides of our presentation were done. Quick feedback loops with Kamil – our other co-founder, who was abroad at that time, helped us to fine-tune our presentation. Thankfully,  we live in the ages of modern communication and technology!

After three days of hard work. A lot of painting, copy writing and brainstorming, we were ready to face the challenge. Now it was time for pitching! Every step was considered to the smallest detail – the speech, the shifting and ripping of the slide-shirts. Yes that’s right – the ripping!

That was an interesting and a risky decision. What if we didn’t manage to rip the t-shirts completely? Are we going to make a fool of ourselves? We didn’t know! But…hey! That is the entrepreneur’s live, it’s worth it to take the risk from time to time. After a short discussion between the three of us – the conclusion was obvious – “Alright fellas, let’s do this!”

We bought some more t-shirts and made some more test-rippings. By making a small cut on the upper and bottom side of the t-shirt we ensured that they’ll rip easily. Indeed, it worked fine few times on the trials. But there was something really important we… all learned that day after the pitch went really great we…had to remember: You can’t just trust hardware, especially at such important presentation! We all experienced it the hard way!

But hey, everything’s well when it ends well! We put a lot of passion and effort in our work and it paid off! After all, right now I’m the one who is typing on the keyboard in our new free office at STARTPLATZ. We accepted the challenge and more importantly we learnt an important lesson: Everyone on your team is part of your value!

Special thanks to Ali Moktari (@derschoeneali) from Ali shot an awesome video of our pitch. Check it out here!

Now it’s your turn. Tell me about your most exciting pitch style?


Author: Rado

Technical co-founder of LEANHEROES, web developer, passionate java scripter and creative out-of-the-box thinker.

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  1. Stefano Pepe says:

    Hi guys,
    awesome work, I’ve answered your quick email survey but there’s no “info” mailbox and my reply bounced back.

    Give it a look ;)


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